Visionary Sessions with Eunjung and Yves

Visonary Sessions

Each moment is a crossroad of infinite possibilities. Make a choice that expands love and supports your dreams in each moment. If you’d like to shift your life to the direction of your vision and dreams, and can use assistance to make that shift,  I and my partner Yves Nager are available for powerful Visionary Sessions. I am guided to co-facilitate these sessions together with Yves as both of us can draw on our unique gifts and share them in a powerful combination in assisting you with your transformation and creating a reality that you deserve and desire.

As a clairvoyant, intuitive channel, I can bring crystal clear clarity and insights to you in terms of receiving your higher spiritual guidance. I often receives messages through moving images like a movie when delivering messages to my clients and my light language transmission helps you integrate spiritual frequencies gracefully without the interception of your logical mind. My partner Yves Nager is truly gifted at energetic clearing and healing of physical, emotional and mental traumas and blockages and bringing balance to your physical and energetic make up as well as helping you find practical solutions for your daily life as a life coach.

Whether be bringing harmony and love to your relationship with yourself, partners, and family; discovering, clarifying,or living your life purpose fully with abundance and joy; or deepening your connections to your own spiritual guides, if you feel the need for assistance, you can email us to or These sessions are offered in person or via Skype / Google Hangout and we are offering special rates while we are preparing to launch our new website. Much love and magical blessings to all of you!


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