Terra Nova Offerings

This is a sacred space where I plan to provide my recorded meditations, transmissions and channeled messages you can purchase at a small abundance exchange. There are literally hundreds of meditations I along with my partner Yves offered throughout our sacred journeys around the world during the past several years.

1. Goddess Code Activation
Goddess CodeThis is a meditative and healing journey with goddesses of different sacred traditions, recorded live with the beautiful audience in Boulder CO on June 27, 2014. Here are 3 meditations offered. They all contain light language and activations.

  • Clearing and Releasing with Rainbow light and Black Madonna (16 min)
  • Healing wisdom and compassion with Kwanyin and her dragon (24 min)
  • Abundance and Divine Desitny with Lakshimi and Isis (26 min)

Meditation Selection

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