Soul Matrix Session

Soul Matrix sessions are unique transformative energy work that was developed under the guidance of angels and the spiritual team that Eunjung works with in order to help people truly live as creators of their reality and masters of multi-dimensional, magical living.

During a Soul Matrix session, she helps her clients discover patterns of creation in their Soul matrix and remap or redesign patterns or paths in their Soul Matrix so that their life can be aligned with their highest potential at all physical, emotional, spiritual levels. During this session, she invokes higher beings of light such as angels, ascended masters, and star beings and also connects to the client’s own Divine Presence or Higher Self to infuse divine guidance and blessings into their Soul Matrix. To facilitate this transformative alchemy, Eunjung will chant in the Language of Light which is vibrational, crystalline, universal sound from the source. This powerful Language of Light raises vibrations of her clients to the optimum level of receiving and anchoring new frequencies coming in from higher dimensions and helps them resonate with their unique divine soul signature. This vibrational Language of Light bypasses people’s analytical conscious mind and works deeply in the subconscious and energetic fields at their soul level.  This Soul Matrix session will be uniquely presented depending on the needs or energetic circumstances of each client. This session could also provide insights onto their Akashic Field and transmute traumas or any heavy energies from other time lines as well as helping them integrate their greatest aspects, gifts and talents from other dimensions and timelines.

A Soul Matrix session is recorded and a link to the recording will be sent within a couple of days after the session.

Sessions can be conducted Via Skype for International Callers.

If you’d like to make an appointment, contact me by phone or email to set up the time and payment options. Thank you.

Soul Matrix Session 1 Hour: $144

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