Angel Resonance Therapy

Angels are pure thought forms of love, given to us by the Creator to guide and help us. We all have guardian angels from birth. Our guardian angels are always by our side to comfort, guide and protect us. And there are millions of angels who are waiting to help us.

Angel Resonance Therapy  is a great tool for those who would like to enlist divine
assistance in their life and to speed up their personal, emotional and spiritual growth.

During an Angel Resonance Therapy session, Eunjung can help you connect with your angels and ascended masters and deliver messages from them to guide you in all life situations and ultimately empower you to achieve harmony, love and abundance in your life. It is
important to know the future is shaped by your current energy composition (thoughts,
feelings and actions) and angels gently and lovingly show you ways you can bring your
energetic elements to resonate with higher vibrations so you can move forward in the 
direction that brings you most joy and love.

It is each individual’s choice to follow divine guidance or not, but Eunjung is here to deliver the messages.

  • You may want to prepare questions before your session.
  • With your angels’ help, we’ll also cut cords or balance your energy field if there is a need for such clearing.

The session is recorded and a link to the recording is sent within a couple of days after the session.
If you’d like to make an appointment, contact me by phone or email to set up the time and payment options. Thank you.

Sessions can be conducted Via Skype for International Callers.
Angel Resonance Therapy 1 hour: $144
Angel Resonance Therapy 30 min: $75

Angel Resonance Reading

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