Akashic Field Therapy

Akashic Field Therapy SM (quantum healing), developed by C.J. Martes, takes a deep look into the soul’s Akashic Records (soul memories) in order to find any old patterns, blockages or traumatic energies, which then can be released to help one live life in fullness.

How does AFT help?

We are all pure divine light coming from the same Creator and All-That-Is. But when we look at ourselves through the mirror called life events, traumatic experiences or blockages can leave stains and smears on the mirror preventing us from seeing the beautiful true identity of ourselves. Through AFT, one can be freed of these traumatic energies, start to allow the full potential of positive growth, and rediscover one’s authentic self.

What is an AFT healing Like?

A full session, which is comprised of 5 life patterns, takes approximately 2~3 hours of preparation, plus a one-hour phone session. When you contact me for an AFT session, I will gather basic information needed to prepare your life pattern charts, and identify those patterns that affect your current life situations. We will also schedule a phone session, which will be recorded, to discuss the findings. I’ll help you understand the patterns blocking your life flow, and we will and release the traumatic energies together. Afterward, you will receive the recording of the phone session, along with your personalized follow-up protocol chart. Listening to the recording a few times will further anchor new positive vibrations in your reality.

Akashic Field Therapy sm

If you’d like to have an AFT session with me, make a payment using the following link and contact me by phone or email for an appointment. To begin the AFT session, I need your full name and birthday. If you’d like to arrange a different payment method, contact me by email or phone.

Thank you.
Contact Phone: 213-985-0516

Akashic Field Therapy

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