Latria Terra Nova Story

I’d like to share how I decided on the name of my new website as it holds the vision of my earth mission/play here on this planet.

Story of Latria

In the evening of April 28, 2005, during one of those divinely inspired transmission through automatic writing, I was given the story of Latria. Here is a short excerpt of what came through that evening:

“We are a group called the Tricia Sahra. We are energy of the star you are from. You have resided in the star “LaTria” long time ago by earth time. You were a priestess at the time holding ceremonies for God, stars and people. You had a long black hair, black eyes and tiny body. The people there were all not that big. But they had telepathic ability when they communicate with each other.

People would glide over beautiful lakes sparkling with iridescent rainbow light from diamonds on the bottom. They had a very light energy body so they were able to fly easily and glide over the ground. Their soul purpose was to be joyful and happy and give thanks to the universal energy, the source of all thing of which they were part of. They had an education system for beings from other planets.

They would come to this planet and be taught in the mystery of the universal order and how to co-exist peacefully with each other. You were the main teacher at this interplanetary peace school. Your name was La Silion meaning the beautiful one with wisdom. Love is the source of your strength, breath in the love that is coming from inside of you connecting you with the universe…..”

At that time, I have never heard of the word “Latria” before but I typed exactly liked that. Out of curiosity, after this writing, I goggled the word, and what I found was mind-blowing. “Latria” has a classical Greek origin that means “adoration.” One definition of the term is “the highest form of service/worship to God”. ”Latria” can also mean “Divine Service.”

I believe the message given to me by my soul group was that I am from a place that held frequency and energy of divine service and I am guided to do the work of promoting peace, love and harmony among people with different backgrounds and origins even at the intergalactic level. To remind myself of this divine guidance, I am using this name as part of my website, “Latria” – divine service and the highest order of worship to All-That-Is.

Terra Nova

Archangel Metatron provided this information for me through an amazing intuitive, whom I have great respect for. According to beloved Archangel Metatron, Terra Nova was a part of my soul name (Ariana Terra Nova) that I’ve been carrying for a very long time. Its resonance is very strong for me now since assisting with the birthing of the New Earth is an important part of my role to play here in this life time.

I felt I was guided to use Terra Nova as part of my website as Terra Nova means “New Earth” or ‘Earth Star” transmitting a vibration of New Earth Star. With this combination, my website name Latria Terra Nova holds the meaning of “Highest form of service to God in the New Earth Star” and I joyfully and humbly accept my role of providing this service.

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