About Eunjung

Eunjung Choi - Imagination Activator & Multi-dimensional Channel

Eunjung Choi is a gifted intuitive and channel, Angel Therapist,  Passion Test facilitator, and Discover the Gift global lead trainer as well as a sacred journey facilitator. She is dedicated in helping people open their hearts and inner vision to connect with unseen realms of divine guidance and magic and activate their true power of imagination and creation.  Also as a passionate, seasoned world traveler with a big heart for peace and harmony on the planet, Eunjung traveled to over 40 countries and facilitated workshops and retreats along with her partner in passion Yves Nager in more than 15 countries to help people discover their gifts and live a fulfilled, joyful life aligned with passion and purpose and play her role in assisting with the global shift in consciousness.

Originally from South Korea, Eunjung is a natural born clairvoyant and channel with intense training in various modalities of energy healing and intuitive energy work over the past 12 years, Eunjung developed her own powerful blend of transformative energy work that encompasses channeling, multi-dimensional light body activation and integration, connecting with angels and guides, crystal work, sacred harmonics, akashic field therapy and others.

By offering  individual intuitive and coaching sessions, various transformational workshops, retreats and sacred journeys, Eunjung connects people with their divine guidance system, facilitates heart-based living and helps them create their unique life design for the most joyful, loving, abundant, and exhilarating life aligned with their their highest soul destiny.

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