Make YOU-Turn toward your passions and live the life you have always imagined!

Do you want to get clear on your next step in your life path? Are you finally ready to stop wishing things were different and move into action?

I am here for you if you are ready and committed to making the next step uncover or rediscover their unique gifts and passions and transform obstacles to opportunities so that you can create and live a truly fulfilling and magical life in service to your life purpose.

I am specially gifted in coaching leaders, lightworkers and enlightened entrepreneurs to maximize their potential. They also work with young adults, couples, and families in finding a direction in life and living passion-filled, meaningful lives.

Areas of Exploration and Impact:

  • Balance – Balance among different aspects of your life
  • Career – Identify areas where your passion lies and can achieve more success
  • Confidence – Develop a habit of making a decision in favor of your passions and what matters most in your life
  • Family – Create harmonious and loving family relationships
  • Financial Freedom – Release fear and move into abundance mindset
  • Happiness and fulfillment – Clarify what brings most joy and fulfillment
  • Health – Develop healthy habits and practices
  • Life purpose – Discover and align with your true life purpose
  • Relationships – Build ideal relationships
  • Spirituality – Strengthen your connection to source

“Experience how good it feels to live life passionately and purposefully.”

Eunjung Choi, Certified Passion Test Facilitator


Call 213 985 0516 or email me at to take a step forward living a passionate and purpose-driven life.

Passion Test Coaching:

One-on-One Passion Test Coaching Sessions (3.5 hours approximately)

You will receive two 1.5 – 2 hour coaching sessions during which you will identify, clarify, prioritize, and evaluate the degree to which you are living your passions today. Additionally, we will identify markers that will provide evidence for each of your top five passions. Finally, we will identify key limiting beliefs that get in the way of living your passions. You will walk away with proven strategies on how to grow and live your passions beginning today! Sessions may be conducted in person or via telephone, Skype or Google Hangout.

$397 for the 3.5 hours session

Passion Alchemy 5 week individual course 

This Passion Alchemy 5 week individual course is for you if…

  • You’re unsure about the direction of your life. You aren’t clear about what you want to do, and you find yourself in a holding pattern, not making progress on any front.
  • You know you’re ready for something different – a new direction – but you aren’t sure what that is.
  • If you feel you are at an important crossroad in life and not clear which direction you need to follow.
  • You’ve been successful in a traditional sense. You have a steady, reliable job, a nice home and a car. But you still feel unfulfilled, and you’re not sure why.
  • Something BIG is missing, and you want (more than anything!) to identify exactly what that is, and then, to find it.
  • If you’ve been having hard time to turn your amazing visions into reality and create something concrete to benefit yourself, community and the world.
  • If you are ready to shift from good to great, average to awesome beyond your wildest dreams in any area of your life. 

Through this Passion Alchemy course, you will:

  • Clarify your Top 5 passions – the things that are most important to YOU
  • Apply effective and powerful strategies to overcome obstacles and challenges which may prevent you from living the fullest expression of you.
  • Identify and transform limiting beliefs, false ideas and concepts.
  • Study the formula for creating whatever you choose to experience in your life.
  • Learn a secret to guaranteeing a passionate, meaningful and prosperous life
  • Create a vision board of your dreams.
  • Create action plans to align your life with your passions and to experience more joy, love and fulfillment in all areas of your life.
  • Learn Yoga Nidra and practice guided abundance meditations.

$697 for the 7.5 hours course (5 weeks) 

Passion Test Playshop (4 hour power workshop to one day event) 

In this high-energy, interactive, and supportive environment, you will work through the Passion Test process - identify, clarify, prioritize, and evaluate the degree to which you are living your passions today! We will introduce the concepts of markers and working with your limiting beliefs. In the longer playshop, we will incorporate various exercises and practices you can do to help you continue to live your passions and flourish.

$ 79 ~ $157 (Depending on the duration, including the Passion Test book)

4-hour Private Passion Parties

Get together with your friends and family and explore what matters most to each of you. We will work through the Passion Test process - identify, clarify, prioritize, and evaluate the degree to which you are living your passions today! We will introduce the concepts of markers and working with your limiting beliefs. Support one another in living your passions today! The host attends for free with a minimum of 6 participants ($79 per person, including the Passion Test book) and receives a 10% – 20 % discount on the Follow Up Coaching package! Call me to schedule a private passion party!

Other resources to help you live your life’s passions to the fullest!

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Passionate Life Secrets 2.0:

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10 Benefits of the “Passion Test” (both for sessions and workshops):

  • Clarity: Getting absolutely clear what makes your life joyful and passionate.
  • The Secret: Discover the secret of how to fully live a passionate life.
  • Communication: Learn how to use words effectively in describing your passions so that they are focused on what you really want.
  • The formula: Learn the formula for creating anything you want in an effortless way.
  • Scoring: Discover to which degree you already are living your passions right now (or not) and how to improve the scores in the areas you are not living your passions.
  • Markers: Allow yourself to vision your passions and how it would look like when you live them to the maximum.
  • Forgiveness and gratitude: Releasing energetic blocks through practice of forgiveness and gratitude.
  • Recondition your mind and emotions: Replacing old limiting patterns and beliefs with positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  • Make choices that support your creation: Become an empowered director of your life journey.
  • Share what you enjoy the most: Create fulfillment, joy, and connectedness for yourself and those around you.

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