The following contents of this introduction section are excerpts from the book ‘Discover the Gift’, written by Shajen Joy Aziz and Demian Lichtenstein. I give full credit to both Shajen and Demian for this content.

Whether or not you know it: you already have the gift. You don’t have to search for it outside of yourself. It has been with you and within you for your entire life, just as it has been a part of every person on the planet since before the dawn of recorded history. And yet even though the gift is something we all share, your gift is also completely and exclusively specific to you.

Your journey with “Discover the Gift” will allow you to understand that you already have all you need, and that you can use what you have to manifest the fullness of your life. No matter what anyone may have told you about yourself, about what life is, no matter what you may have endured thus far, no matter how removed from love you may have felt, the gift that you are is still patiently waiting to be discovered and unfolded.

“Discover the Gift” is designed to lead you to your gift on a path based on 8 universal spiritual principles. These principles are foundational steps and essential to the process of discovering the gift. The more you understand how these eight principles work for you, the easier it is to access your gifts and to find a world filled with possibilities, a world that is receptive to you and conducive to your dreams. Whatever they are called, they are doorways to self-discovery, steps to the greatest gift of all, love.

Ultimately all is a gift: you, your life and all the people in your life are the true gifts. Learn how to prevail in the face of your fears, step through them, and allow yourself the freedom to be who you are so that others may be inspired to do the same. Stepping through your fears brings out possibilities you could never have foreseen, because you don’t know yet what those possibilities are. I myself did not know what possibilities will emerge later on my journey for me and I am inspired to guide you through your own journey of transformation.

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How I got involved with the “Discover the Gift” Program

Since 2011, Yves and I became friends with the director Demian Lichtenstein and the co-producer Shajen Joy Aziz and I met them several times in person, like several other speakers of the movie. In July 2013, we got inspired to show the film in Bali and it moved the hearts of the audience (there were about 150 people) powerfully. One lady from the audience just came up to me after the movie and asked us if we could come to Prague, Czech Republic in September 2013 and present the film there.

So this started our exciting and rewarding journey as global ambassadors of “Discover the Gift”. Since our first screening of the DTG film in Bali, we were able to bring this amazing film to many cities in several countries. In February 2014, Yves and I both took the DTG training in Los Angeles, USA to become global trainers of the “Discover the Gift” program. Being the “Discover the Gift” global trainers provides us with another avenue of outreach to assist others in their journey of transformation and discovering their gifts to fully live their dreams.

How can you take the “Discover the Gift” coaching program?

There are several ways of how you can embark on this grand journey of discovering your true gifts and realizing your highest potentials.:

1) You can take a series of 10 personal coaching sessions with me based on the DTG program. Together we will go through the 8 principles of the program (8 sessions), accompanied by one opening session and one closing session. During the initial session, we evaluate your present circumstances and tune in which methods and tools would be helpful to you. In the closing session we will bring everything together you learned throughout the process.

2) You can participate in a weekend seminar. In a group setting, you will learn many effective tools and powerful energetic exercises to help you navigate a conscious path of creations based on the 8 principles presented in DTG. Yves and I will also share about our own journey of transformation through more than 30 countries around the world, where we have learned from and shared with many wisdom keepers, shamans, healers from different sacred traditions and native tribes.

3) You can join us for a DTG retreat on Kaua’i which will be held in a beautiful and relaxed environment. Since it will be longer than the weekend seminar, we will have enough time to focus on each step every day and delve deeply into everyone’s personal process. The retreat will also include healthy meals, yoga, more meditations, outdoor adventures, ceremonies as well as individual coaching and healing sessions.

4) You can become a certified Discover the Gift trainer yourself and empower others to fully live their purpose by taking the amazing DTG certification training led by Shajen Joy Aziz, the founder of the Discover the Gift program. You can check the certification schedule here.

This is truly a unique and powerful personal development program that helps you move forward powerfully to the highest level of your destiny and live the life that you are meant to live. So please contact me at for inquiries.

The steps / principles (Summarized from the book ‘Discover the Gift’ by Shajen Joy Aziz & Demian Lichenstein)

1 Receptivity & Flexibility

You take your first step through opening you up to all possibilities and allowing you to grow in the direction of those possibilities. The truth is that new possibilities are enfolding around us all the time, but we don’t always notice them because we are (still) not always open to them. You learn how to listen to your own soul, your own inner source, and allow these new insights to enter into your heart and mind. When you are receptive, you allow miracles to happen.

2 Intention & Attention

Intention is the act of setting a new purpose for your life, a new goal, inspired by your receptivity. Intention is an act of declaration, an act of decision, an act of will. You learn how you can set yourself free of limiting patterns, habits, and beliefs so that you can create a life-affirming system of thinking and feeling, and living in alignment with your new purpose. Intention works by first setting a destination, and then feel that you have already arrived. Attention needs to be given toward this destination.

3 Activation

Activation is the step at which you build on your receptivity and intention by actively engaging in the work of personal growth and development towards your goals and heart desires. You may find that you are passionate about your new intention, but your thoughts and emotions are mostly from your past, from the old you, and may now be holding you back. You learn how to actively recondition them, working focused toward your true potential.

4 Infinite Feedback

Infinite feedback is the principle that the universe is continually showing you how you’re doing. The world is a mirror reflecting who you’re being. There is a constant loop of energy connecting you and the world around you. It is profoundly important that you become fully aware of what and why you are giving, as it has a direct effect on what the universe is giving back to you. You learn how to align your mind and heart into this state as the result of your practice of being present to your own presence.

5 Vibration

It is imperative that you get in tune with your own vibration and understand that the energy you sent into the universe has a direct effect on your entire existence. As a matter of fact, your own vibration is actually co-creating the particular version of the world that you perceive in front of you. You learn how to tune into the frequencies of joy, happiness, and fulfillment and how to shift your thinking and actions effectively and easily. In this step you will also learn how to improve your communication skills and express yourself with intention and clarity.

6 Adversity and Transformation

This step is about understanding that there are gifts in all circumstances. During our lifetime, each of us encounters a certain level of adversity, a series of problems and challenges, if you will. This truth is actually a pathway to the discovery of unseen gifts. You learn how to access power and freedom during these difficult times. Your response is a measure of your adaptability and willingness to be open to transformation.

7 Creating a conscious compassionate world

To create a conscious and compassionate world, we must become aware of ourselves and be present to our presence on the earth. When we are able to be compassionate, we are also able to forgive. It is vital to understand that forgiveness transforms the soul and unlocks your journey to your gifts. You learn how to emerge and express yourself, and you begin to be the ideal role model for yourself, and also for the people around you. You will also explore new ways of honoring the earth and its inhabitants and how you can co-create with them.

8 Love (The Ultimate Gift)

Love is why we are here. There is no other reason for our existence other than to experience love and to share it with the rest of the world. Love enables you to go out into the world and share your gift, and to help other people to discover theirs. You learn how to spread your power and give love, receive love, be in gratitude, and have powerful and clear heart-based intentions. You will now share who you are: a person filled with love and compassion. It is the essence of sharing your unique gifts.

Benefits for you

This process, whether facilitated through a personal coaching process, a weekend seminar or during one of our upcoming retreats facilitates a deeply powerful yet simple approach for you to:

  • Open your heart and reconnect with your true essence.
  • Address fears that stop you from moving forward.
  • Recondition your mind and emotions, replacing old limiting patterns and beliefs with positive thoughts, feelings and behaviors.
  • Discover your gifts through acknowledging your passions and discover the gift in all circumstances, no matter how adverse.
  • Forgive yourself and others and share your gifts and be of service.
  • Create fulfillment, joy, and connectedness for yourself and those around you through sharing what you enjoy most.
  • Get rid of negative thought patterns, habits, and beliefs and become a positive thinker and active player in the game of your life.
  • Release stress factors and be totally present in your daily life through energetic exercises and meditative awareness practices.
  • Rediscover your relationship to energy and understand how everything is energy.
  • Become present to your presence on this planet.
  • Merge with the highest aspect of yourself and enlist help from your spiritual support system.
  • Heal and embrace your inner child and create in a playful and lighthearted way.
  • Communicate effectively with yourself, others and the universe to optimize your creation process.
  • Activate and strengthen your ability to imagine and create alternative versions of your reality.
  • Find your gifts and activate your true life purpose that brings ultimate joy and fulfillment to you and serves others for the highest good.
  • Make choices that support your creation and become an empowered director of your life journey.
  • Merge with oneness consciousness of love and freedom.

Watch or rent the movie online

You can rent or buy the movie (English updated version) here.

On YouTube is the German version of the movie, presented by Demian at the world premier in Hamburg on October 2, 2010:

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