Dance of Divine Alchemist – 2012 Dragon Year Activation

2012 Dragon Year Guided-Activation 

Saturday, February 11th 2012, 6:30 pm – 10:30 pm

Location: Studio Soma

2540 W. West 29th Ave, Denver, Co

 Register at,

                                                                  Or $30 at door


This evening’s celestial journey is comprised of 4 parts:

  1. SLight Show Journey through orbs and light rays encoded with cosmic, solar codes.
  2. Activation and channeling by Eunjung Choi
  3. Alchemical Dance and Intuitive Expression of Vision for Creation of New You; Individual light trance-missions by Yves
  4. Psychedelic Trance music and dance for those who would like to further integrate and express visions and energies create

During the above activation and channeling, Eunjung will facilitate and share the following and more:

ë Bring in the wisdom and divine passion codes of Golden Dragon and Rainbow Phoenix

ë Merging of Golden Lemuria and Golden Atlantis to help further anchor Nirvana frequencies for the New Earth Matrix by calling forth Rainbow Goddess Shantara

ë Language of Light transmission that awakens starseeds and New Human Blueprint to assist you with integration of your multi-dimensional aspects and gifts

ë Transfusion of new cosmic and solar codes to create with on the New Earth Platform

ë Activation of Points of Creation within you through the infusion of Platinum, Diamond and Golden Rays of Light to help you weave your dreams into your Creation Matrix

This channeling, activation and dance will be accompanied byTranscendental music by Yvees Nager

For More Info Call: 808-343-7543,

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