Cyprus 2012

Opening Paradise Within

Multi-dimensional activations for the New Earth!

• Where: Serenity House (Nicosia / Cyprus)
• Date: Saturday, 21st July 2012
• Time: 9 am – 1 pm
• Energy Exchange: 44 euros
• Facilitators: Eunjung Choi, Yves Nager, Mikaela Sereia Tingirides

Snacks and refreshments will be available.

We are truly blessed to have with us two beautiful light workers and truly inspiring healers from the U.S and Switzerland who will be joining me to co-create this beautiful workshop/ playshop.
Eunjung and Yves will also be available for personal sessions at Serenity House this Friday and Saturday.

Please contact me if you are interested in participating in our workshop and/ or to book a personal session.

Blessings and Gratitude ♥ Mikaela Sereia Tingirides (T: 99671187 ♥)

Experience first hand how it feels to Open your Paradise within, unite heaven and earth in your heart and share your unique experience in a space of high vibration and co-creation during these times of great change as we move ahead through the second half of 2012. During this activation and channeling event, participants will receive powerful codes of awakening as well as participating in the Unity Consciousness Ritual.

Eunjung will facilitate an activation of your cosmic heart through her Language of Light. She will also channel powerful beings of light that will help you open your heart portal into the paradise within and help to co-create and express the New Earth with Divine Wisdom, Love and Compassion.

Eunjung’s activation and channeling is accompanied by Yves music for sound healing, with Crystal singing and tibetan bowls, and his sharing of individual energy transmissions for participants.

Mikaela will be leading the Unity Consciousness Ritual, a simple but powerful ritual, which is an energetic transmission for your light-body. This will consciously activate new connections that awaken you to your greatest possibility and step forward to your true essence and the evolution of humanity into Oneness consciousness.

Your benefits:
As a participant of this joyful and heart-opening workshop you can receive the following benefits and more:

• Calm your mind and open your heart

• Balance and harmonize areas which are out of balance through toning and sacred sounds

• Get more clarity about your life purpose or next segment of your life journey

• Be part of a wonderful group providing support to each other for a self-healing, transformation process

• Activate your soul blue print through the transmission of the language of light

• Discover new emerging gifts and share it with the world

• Allow your wholeness to emerge

• Become more courageous and empowered to share your true Self

• Acquire new tools and techniques to take home and integrate in your daily life

• Connect and receive guidance and support from angels, light beings and guides

• Awaken and strengthen your imaginative power that is an essential link to creating your reality

• Strengthen and deepen your intuitive ability for multi-sensory living

• Your ability to know, sense, feel others will be increased as you Join the Unity Consciousness Grid

• Awaken to your divine nature as Light Being and Re-member Who you Are!

• Leap your evolution smoothly into a new realm of connectedness as we move forward into 2012.


Illuminated Rose Heart

Multi-dimensional activations for the New Earth!

• Where: Yoga Shala – House of Yoga (Serenity House affiliate Yoga studio) – Elioupoleos 10 Ayios Andreas, Nicosia / Cyprus
• Date: Friday, 27th July 2012
• Time: 6:30 – 9:30 pm
• Energy Exchange: 33 euros ( 25 euros for participants of ‘Opening Paradise Within)
• Facilitators: Eunjung Choi, Yves Nager, Mikaela Sereia Tingirides

We are truly grateful to continue our co-creation with our Wonder-full light workers and truly inspiring healers from the U.S and Switzerland in this heartful and graceful healing workshop!

Following the event we will be creating a Clearing the Olympics meditation with intent to focus heart-energy on the stadium throughout and especially on the bell at the start of the ‘show’,  with the intent sharing the energy of the heart, joining with hearts across the world in love, peace and harmony.

Please contact me if you are interested in joining us in igniting the Rose Light within our hearts. More information on the event below! This workshop is based on the energies and messages that Eunjung and Yves have received through their magical, heartful journey through Southern France and Greece.

Through various channelings, language of light, new light wave transmissions and sound healing modalities, we will merge together with the divine masculine, divine feminine and divine child and navigate into a liquid and multi-dimensional reality. Therefore we will learn how to discover and live our unique divine destiny. We go in depth into the Illuminated Rose Heart and will receive and integrate Isis star wisdom and anchor the Eternal Spring of Life and Tree of Light within ourselves.

As a group, we will connect to the Universal Flower of Life, weave sacred geometry in our etheric, spiritual bodies, and sing the songs of the heart and creations. We will explore creation principles such as burning away all matrices and unwanted energies, going into the void with the help of Black Madonna, creating from the clear vision of the heart and dancing between creative inspiration / intuition (Water) and manifestation /action (Fire). In this workshop, teachings and messages will be mostly from Isis, Jeshua & Mary Magdalene and other masters of light and the star council.

We will take a powerful multidimensional journey restructuring our light bodies into a much higher state of light vibrations through initiations and activations of the Illuminated Rose Heart, Eternal Spring of Life and the Tree of Light which will assist us greatly in shaping our divine destiny.

Participants will learn and experience:

• Sharing of new symbolisms: Rose, Holy Grail, Tree of Life, Tree of Light, Eternal Spring of Life, Fluid consciousness

• New ways of clearing and transforming old and unwanted energies

• Star wisdom and messages from the Goddess Isis

• Activating Illuminated Rose Heart: White Rose of Innocence, Ruby Rose of Passion and Golden Rose of Enlightenment

• Anchor Eternal Spring of Life and Tree of Light

• Seeding and activation of new codes of fluid consciousness

• Weaving light matrix within your light body through sacred geometry, sounds and images of light orbs (Slide show will be played)

• Creation principles of divine will and choice; dancing between creative inspiration / intuition (Water) and manifestation / action (Fire)

• Initiation into the Illuminated Rose Heart through energies of Isis, Mary Magdalene and Jeshua (Merging of Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and Divine Child)

• New light wave transmission that will help you expand your multi-dimensional awareness and ability to communicate with other realms through various channelings, language of light, and sound healing

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