Activation of Personal Cosmic Wheel of Dreams, Sep 11, 2001

Meadowglen Clubhouse
8158 Everett Street
Arvada, Colorado 80005
Sunday, September 11 ·  3:30pm -  6:00pm
- Explore how we can channel our innate infinate creative force into our individual realities to actively participate in the manifestation of our dreams
- Mapping and activation Personal Cosmic Wheel of Dreams
- Integration and realigning our timelines/space and creation matrix
- Send our collective intention to strengthen  the Peace Grid around Mother Gaia for her graceful and harmonious transformation into the New Earth.
As usual, there will be channelled messages from beings of light and Language of Light activation plus Q&A time.
Energy exchange $20
Call 303 886 2038 or email at if you are in denver area and intend to join us.. Blessings!

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