11:11:11 Activation – Unveiling the New Earth Star

On this monumental multidimensional portal day when masses are witnessing an enormous raising of universal consciousness, we’ll celebrate the Convergence of Cosmic Heart (represented by Golden Rose) and Cosmic Mind (represented by Diamond Opalescent Lotus) to infuse and activate these energetic codes in our heart center so that we can become the living vortex of multi-dimensional,illuminated divine love and joy and weave new holograms, our heart-centered visions into the Matrix of the New Earth. The New Earth Star, which resides in a higher realm than our physical Mother Earth, will be guiding us on a journey to the verdant valleys of Shambahlla, the New Earth. The earth will rise up through your feet as you walk this land and allow you to be vibrationally present with all that is. Many beings of light, 7 Ray Masters and their counterparts, Lord Melchizedek, Archangels, specially Metatron and Michael as well as Elohims and Star councils will be present and assist with these powerful transmissions and activations. Fire Mothers Pele and Kali and many others will bring fire codes to shift and release any old energetic forms and archetypes that are no longer in harmony with New Earth templates while the Ocean Mother Mara will assist with powerful dissemination of the new codes in kaleidoscope of colors through the bodies of water throughout the entire planet. You will be enchanted by the water showing the multiplicity of light and the fractionalization of color coming back into unity consciousness. It is an alchemical shift in consciousness, a purification rite and a downloading of the gifts from the masters of light and love as well as a celebration of humanity for rising up to their Self Mastery in Creatorship and Freedom Consciousness. If you feel the call in your heart, join us either through the webcast/phone or in person in the evening on Kauai. 

11:11:11 Activation
 Unveiling the New Earth Star

Convergence of Cosmic Heart (Golden Rose) and
Cosmic Mind (Diamond Opalescent Lotus)

2-Parts Activation, Channeling and Celebration

1. Live Webcast: November 11 at 1:00 PM HI Time for about an hour and half (3 PM PST -LA, 4 PM MST-Denver, 6 PM EST – New York)
Web access – http://www.ustream.tv/channel/latria-terranova or
Phone access (218) 237-0330, Participant Access Code: 415964#

For this live webcast, you can watch it from any where if you have an internet access. Also, this will be recorded so that you can watch it later on this channel. You can read details on the activation below the poster image on this page. This live webcast will be shared free of charge. But if you feel guided, you can support the event by giving creation contribution of any amount by clicking the paypal button below. If you feel guided, please share this web-cast info with other like-spirited friends.

2. Live in-person channeling and activation
Time: 6PM ~ 8:00 Hawaii Time
Location: At a beautiful location on Kauai (to be announced soon).
Creation contribution: from $11 ~ $33 on a sliding scale (Please let us know in advance if you’d like to join in)
Contact info: greenpyramidlight@yahoo.com, 303 886 2038

If you are on Kauai or would like to come to Kauai for this live activation and channeling, you will experience this powerful transmission of energies described below in a more intimate and special way. Of course you can join in for both live webcast and the evening activation. During the evening activation, messages and energies transmitted will also be more tailored to the activation of your personal creation matrix for the new earth. Time for questions and answers will also be provided at the end of the transmission and activation. You can either contribute the amount of your choice now or pay at the event.

Creation Contribution


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