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The following Workshops and Events (in alphabetical order) are examples for what Yves and I can offer wherever we travel to. These are the sample description of these workshops and events. Actual programs can be similar, but details and duration may change depending on the energetics of the time and space the workshops or events take place in. They can be all customized, depending on each group’s or person’s unique needs and circumstances.

Our upcoming Workshops, Events or Retreats will be posted under “Event Calendar” once they are planned. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us. It will be our pleasure to talk and co-create with you. If you would like to see what kind of events we have offered in the past, please click here: PAST EVENTS


Conscious Co-Creation

Discover the Gift

Healing Communication Animals

Illuminated Rose Heart Description

Lemurian Heartlight Activation

Magical Creation with the Elemental Kingdom

Multidimensional Living in the New Earth

Opening Paradise Within

Passion Test


Thanksgiving Blessings & Forgiveness Ceremony

The Essence of Healing

The Key to Conscious Creation

Way of the Goddess

Weaving the New Earth Matrix

Short Biographies Eunjung & Yves


Feedbacks / Testimonials

“A very powerful day. I was in bliss sharing the beautiful energy that was weaved by our collective hearts. Thank you Yves for sharing your healing journey and the gift of Ilahinoor. Eunjung you are a beautiful channel that brings in such powerful and clear energies. It was a joy and honor to have been part of this soul journey you and Yves created, along with the sound mastery of Edilma and Alfonso. I am still vibrating in this new frequency we opened to. I feel so much love and hope for our planet when I see so many coming together to anchor the new earth energies in our beloved planet Gaia. Much gratitude goes out to all that do such work. Namaste.” (Leti S., Irvine / USA)

“What an absolutely beautiful afternoon, my heart was wide open. The channeling was so powerful and the crystal bowls were just so divine. Thank you so much Eunjung, Taj, Yves and Mark, you are all so beautiful, thank you for holding such a wonderful event in such a heart centered way, working together in collaboration, the new Earth was right there in the room.” (Vaz S. & Carly G., London / UK)

“This was an amazing workshop with amazing people! Yves thank you soooo much for showing us the way, still feeling the abundance of love that was shared… Thank you Yves, and to all the others! It was amazing! Still feeling it too… The technique is truly powerful. I did it today as well, after I woke up, followed by meditation. Very powerful, direct connection, almost with no mind chatter…” (several participants from the Ilahinoor Workshop on Cyprus)

“Thank you for this wonderful and energetic dance floor night at the Celestine Summer Camp. After so many years, a vision came into manifestation to me: to dance in this wonderful pyramid room !!! Including this amazing initiated amazing sky of stars :-) Never before in my whole life, I felt so young and timeless in the same moment !!! And now you are gifting me as well additional with your music … it equates exactly to my wavelength, to my energy :-) I wish very much that Yves & Eunjung would visit again to share such high energy and invite us to live it out, in a pyramidal way, so to speak :-) I thank you with the twinkle of my eyes and the warmth of my heart !!!” (Wilfried W., Wangen im Allgäu / Germany)

“Thank you for bring in the light, masters and all spirits etc., wow! Truly a world class presentation. A great future awaits you both. The energy was so high most people were knocked out. I felt everything. There was so much there to take in. I hope you settle or come back to Maui. Thank you for sharing your gifts and abilities. Aloha, love and light, we are together in council.” (Steve L., Maui / USA)

“There’s a ripple in my Reality” . . . There are no words in the English language to describe the powerful field and healing and activation we received on 12/2, Sunday evening led by Eunjung Choi and Yves Nager. In love and gratitude.” (Dianne F., Denver / USA)

“It was wonderful to experience you (Yves) in such a loving, attentive and present way with your partner (Eunjung) at the Summercamp. To me, it’s like you both were created for each other, I loved it very much.” (Michaela B., Rossdorf / Germany)

“I truly enjoyed been part of the healing ceremony in Ojai, you have a gift to share with humanity. My heart felt at total ease.” (Edilma A., Laguna Beach / USA)

“Wow what a wonderful experience, absolutely loved it, the meditation and the crystal bowls were amazing.. can’t wait to go to Hawaii :) thank you Eunjung, Yves and Taj.” (Pam, London / UK)

I am still buzzing from an amazing Opening Paradise Within event last night. I had an amazing and transformational evening with Eunjung and Yves and was transformed to other realms during their activation! They are both truly gifted & aligned in healing others and the planet.” (Valerie E., Long Beach / USA)

“Wow a wonderful way to spend the afternoon, connecting with beautiful openhearted souls a very magical powerful activation, loved the light language and being bathed in the healing soothing sounds of the crystal bowls.” (Tonia W., London)


To learn more about Yves, please visit his personal website: www.yvesnager.com

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