Greetings from the Mystical Land of Avalon

Eunjung at Stonehedge

Dear Ones, your world is getting close to our world in your awareness. All of our worlds are actually just different aspects of the same world and it is getting easier for you to get a glimpse of our magical world since the dimensional veils are thinning.

We are bringing you today energies of Avalon -magic, harmonious fusion of feminine and masculine energies and power of creation. What is magic? It is energy of innocence, enchantment and trust behind the instantaneous manifestation of desires. Magic becomes fully operable when you believe in your own creative power. Soak in this flow of magic and let magic weave through all aspects of your life. Say no to struggle and suffering and ride in waves of magic, joy and easiness. You can reach your destination no matter what kind of path you take.

The Tor in Avalon

Would you be willing to drop the path of suffering and choose the path of joy? It is up to you. It is all up to you. Be your own storyteller. There is no judge who sits out there and critiques your story other than yourself. Does your story reflect your greatness and magnificence or does it just focus on your shortcomings or failures? Is it a comedy, drama, adventure, saga, mystery or fairytale? You can choose to create each scene and chapter and change the plot along the way according to your likings. Or you can create your own legend that people can talk about long after your presence is felt on this earth plane if your like.

We, Goddesses of Avalon and your angels are helping you write masterpieces of your life and experiences. And in your story, tell your truth – your soul truth felt in your heart. Your truth does not have to stay the same; it is not static, rather it is dynamic and can change moment to moment. Allow yourself the freedom of expression. Again there is no one judging and there is no censorship. No expression of your heart뭩 desires is prohibited in your story no matter how outrageous they seem. Your life is an amazing and special opportunity to experience your own story in 3D while you write. You can watch and experience your expressed desires coming to alive in your life. It is truly magical!

Tell yourself how lovable, joyful, happy and abundant you are in your story and experience them simultaneously. That is why you are here in your physical body – to experience your creation moment to moment.

We are also imbuing all of you with the harmonized feminine and masculine energies so that you can create wholeness in your life. With this harmony and fusion of female and male energies, you who are seeking twin flame and love will find them. We honor you as creators of this universe and send you blessings and love. Remember, magic is alive in you and your own life is the proof.

Channelled by Eunjung Choi on July 31, 2008

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