Creating Heart Template ~ June 2008

Dear ones,

It is really time to examine your heart and clear areas within your heart so that you can create things that you meant to create. We angels help you with that process. Your heart space is an immense space. Everything happens within your heart first. Your heart and your brain communicate. Sometimes, the pathways are not clear causing miscommunication between your brain and heart. Then you’ll experience blockages so to speak. That’s why it is of critical importance to have your brain and heart aligned. Whenever you think of something, or worried about, bring that into your heart space first and pour light into that instead of putting it in your head often muddled with all other unnecessary information. And see how this action transforms the nature of what you are thinking about. It will give you clarity of what the issue was about in essence.  Your heart is an illuminated heart now. In this new age, your heart will play a lot greater role in creating your life. Give directorship to your heart space instead of your head. You can think of a computer. You head is the computer and your heat is the intelligence behind. And there are so many layers within your heart you are not even aware of. It will be very beneficial for you to do a meditation on this heart space everyday and really connect with the intelligence of your heart because this is where you get the wisdom and knowledge of a greater depth. Your heart has many portals into other dimensions and realities and you can connect to this greater wisdom within. Instead of looking for answers outside, see within, look within and consults your inner oracle. This is time of a great shift. If every one of you can master this intelligence of your heart, the planet will be able to accelerate its transformation. Each one of you has a role in this space and time. Do not underestimate what you are doing in every second of your life. Once you start meditating with your heart, and the light will illuminate within and you’ll know exactly what to focus and where to focus. There are many secret chambers in your heart that holds great mysteries and wisdom. You can be an explorer of your own heart space. Imagine you are walking into your heart space and really explore this magnificent place. Archangel Uriel’s lamp, the illumination lamp will help you guide your way in.

And your heart holds many different energy templates, energy templates you have used before you came into this life and energy templates you are using in this lifetime. They are holographic in nature. If you have any specific need for something, the energy template for what you need is already within. You can illuminate that pattern, the pathway and project it outward. If you are working to increase your creativity, there is an energy template for creativity within.

So focus on the creativity template and illuminate the template so it will be projected outward, separating it from other energy templates. All these energy templates exist together within and, it is hard to distinguish when their pathways are not turned on. So you need to focus on a specific template and turn on or illuminate the pathway of light, to be used. And many of you are talking about abundance.

You have this abundance template within that is perfectly fit your individual situation. Focus on this abundance template of yours and illuminate it so that it can be projected out and manifested in your reality. There are countless energy templates you hold within and they are all stored in your heart space. In a way, it is like magic. You are a magician. You just don’t know it. Along with this energy template, you can all invoke angels associated with what you are asking for. There are so many angels waiting for you to make a request. They are always there for you to support your growth, your expansion, and your experiences. And remember, the best way to contribute to this world is to hold joy in your heart. Make it a priority above all things. It will transform and empower your experiences; it will empower all energy imprints, templates within. Know that you are a clear diamond vessel of light everyday and act from that truth.

We can see your bright light, and we want to see you keep this light, shining brightly, ever more.

Blessings and love to you all.

Channelled by Eunjung Choi on June 7, 2008

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