Activation of Personal Cosmic Wheel of Dreams

Meadowglen Clubhouse
8158 Everett Street
Arvada, Colorado 80005
Sunday, September 11 · 3:30pm – 6:00pm
– Explore how we can channel our innate infinate creative force into our individual realities to actively participate in the manifestation of our dreams
– Mapping and activation Personal Cosmic Wheel of Dreams
– Integration and realigning our timelines/space and creation matrix
– Send our collective intention to strengthen  the Peace Grid around Mother Gaia for her graceful and harmonious transformation into the New Earth.
As usual, there will be channelled messages from beings of light and Language of Light activation plus Q&A time.
Energy exchange $20
Call 303 886 2038 or email at if you are in denver area and intend to join us.. Blessings!
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Golden Age Channel Interview and Meditation

The Matrix for the New Earth from kedarvideo on Vimeo.

This is an activation of the Cosmic Heart “weaving the creation matrix for the new earth” – a meditation and Heart Sharing with EUNJUNG CHOI, currently staying on Kauai, live recorded as webstream on the channel THE GOLDEN AGE. Eunjung Choi is a conscious channel of higher dimensional energies, works with Angelic and Ascended Master realms. She channels and sings Crystal Language of Light which transmits crystalline geometric formulas and frequencies from higher dimensions and infuses these energies into people’s light body and cellular/DNA structures to awaken their soul memory and activate their divine blue print within.

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Golden Light Geometry


This picture is taken in Monterey CA during the sunset time a few days ago. As you can see, the golden Sun is bursting out 6-sided hexagons or honey comb light geometry. I have been observing this particular shape of orbs or light geometry a lot recently. I first saw this type of light grid formations resembling a honeycomb 7 years ago during my meditation. And it is really wonderful to see this actully being captured on camera. When you look at the inside of each orb, you can see it is weaved with light stremas and  very beautiful. A lot of times, they are shown in rainbow colors as well. I believe this is one manifestation of Golden Rainbow Christ Consciousness Grid. You can receive much coding and frequencies transmitted while looking at this Christ Consciousness portal.

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New Earth Blessing

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Upcoming Ceremony on May 5th


Divine Harmonics for the New Earth Matrix

at the SOUND Temple
2323 Fourth Street
Boulder, CO 80302

May 5th, 2011, 5pm

Kimba ( will weave her gift of Sacred Music through the SOUND Temple and into our hearts using Crystal bowls, waterphone, crystal didj, Tibetan bowls, and 4- chamber flute, and Eunjung Choi will chant and sing in her Language of Light to transmit heavenly codes and sacred geometry to weave the new matrix that is being created for the New Earth(Terra Nova). Please bring HIGH Vibrational small dishes to share for the High Tea, following the Ceremony! Please feel free to invite others that are in vibrational alignment and rsvp.

The SOUND Temple is located on a very quiet alley, close to the corner of Mapleton and 4th st. Please park on 4th st. and walk in.

We look forward to Celebrating with you!!!

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