Messages from the Stonehenge (September 27, 2014)

I’d like to share this beautiful message Yves and I received when we were in Stonehenge in September. How we were guided to visit this special sacred site again was through another divine synchronicity. On Sep. 26, we were driving to a place not far from Glastonbury we were going to spend a few nights. It was in the evening and already dark when we started out to drive to our destination. While driving, Yves suddenly asked me out of the blue, “How far is Stonehenge? Perhaps we should visit.” We visited Stonehenge in our previous journeys, so this place was not exactly on our list during this time. After his question though, literally about 30 seconds later, I see a sign on the left “Stonehenge”…And the place we were staying was only about 20 minutes away. So it was a crystal clear sign we should visit this place while we were in the area..

Anyhow, here is the message we received. Please take only what you resonate since our experience is only through our interfacing with this reality version we were in. Thank you and have a magical day!


Dear Star brother and sister, welcome.

We are guardians of this land. There are many purposes of this place Stonehenge. One of them is Stonehenge serving as a portal connecting to the stars and connecting to the inner earth.

Within each stone, there is a specific signature tone that gets transmitted and radiates out. These stones together create sonic symphony, sacred geometries and start songs.  This invisible song is played in different ways, depending on which time of the year and the astrological configuration. They weave frequencies and send out huge, powerful laser beams of light into cosmos and into the earth. They travel far away beyond time and space and reverberate and dance together. There are other ancient stone circles in the area and on the planet. This is one of the major broadcasting stations. They receive vibrations, alters and shifts them so that they can be anchored into the earth. They transmit these new vibrations into other circles and other connect with other power points of the planet and weave this star song grid. They are the songs created by crystalline star frequencies of the stones. We welcome your presence warmly. It is important for you to share your presence and frequencies with us. We can expand all into the new dimensions together. Remember us. We are the broadcasting stations.

When you travel to other spaces, all the special places where you hold ceremonies, certain frequencies of light, circles of light we get to create together. Certain frequencies become songs that are heard by the whole creations from the land and the waters, elemental beings, plants, trees, birds, beings behind the veils.. Imagine dragons, unicorns, faeries, Pegasuses are gathering here listening to your song, hearing the symphony that is created right now. Remember this and imagine sitting inside the Stonehenge now amongst us. We are emitting brilliant light, messages and wisdom that you can all use on your journey. There are many different sacred geometries, codes and templates woven into your Merkaba, your light bodies. You are truly living multidimensional existence. we honor your journeys and dedication. Breathe in and out. Sing a new song, new waves of songs, and weave new waves of frequencies for you and for the earth. When you feel imbalance, we invite you to come and sit in the middle of this stone circle. We connect and receive directly from the stars and the earth and anchor into your heart what gives you strength and balance. Now imagine you are one of the these stones, receiving from the stars, the Sun and the moon and anchoring their frequencies of love, joy and freedom into the earth. Whales and dolphins are connecting with you and sharing their multi-dimensional wisdom and love anchoring New Earth star frequencies. Merlin is also present inside the circle of Stonehenge, leading the Path of freedom and Joy. Feel the freedom, power, joy with all the stars shining bright inside of your heart right now…

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