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Rosslyn Chapel Anniversary

My heart is so full with immense gratitude as today Yves and I celebrate one year anniversary of our marriage. One year ago today, Yves and I entered into a sacred union as husband and wife in front of our family and friends in Seoul, South Korea.

This whole past week has been extra special for us since we journeyed back to the Rosslyn Chapel on the equinox on Sept. 23 2014 where we held our very first sacred ceremony 3 years ago on the equinox day. In the link you will find at the end of this blog, we shared our love story thanks to our dear friend Bianca how we were divinely guided together 3 years ago to this special place of destiny. At the time, we received a message from the Lady of Flower and Butterfly Man: how the feminine energy is truly the void where all creational energies are being birthed and the masculine energy is the creational energy manifested.

Yves and I didn’t really date in a conventional sense before we became partners. Our very first day of spending time with each other was for the meditation and ceremony at the Rosslyn Chapel, and then one week later for another meditation and channeling in a Swiss mountain forest where we were guided by Mary Magdalene, Jeshua and St. Germain. The next time we met and solidified our relationship was in the Blue Room, Kauai. So literally our relationship started at a sacred site with meditations and we continue to walk on this path of remembering who we truly are with our hearts committed to self love, love for each other and for the planet as well as our collective evolutionary path.

So far Yves and I traveled to 30(we had to count many times) countries and held meditations and ceremonies wherever we were sometime just two of us(of course always present were our invisible helpers -land guardians, angels, masters of light, beings from the elemental kingdom and more), sometimes with a few other friends, sometimes with a huge group of people. We offered close to 100 events between us during the past 3 years in 14 countries.

Throughout our journeys, we together experienced all spectrum of emotions and frequencies between the highest bliss and lowest despair. We experienced out of the world profound encounters, deep soul connections, magical discoveries with so many beautiful beings including people, animals, plants, trees, angels, unicorns,dragons, star beings.. and traveled through portals, parallel time lines and multiple dimensions. Definitely we will have to work on writing books because sometimes each place we visited feels like we spent a lifetime.

We’d like to point out that traveling around the world and doing this work/play is not just all glittery and magical; going to powerful energetic sites brings up a lot to clear and transform personally and collectively especially at this cosmic age we are in. It is really about uniting and embracing all aspects of ourselves – all shades of light and darkness and truly enter into divine wholeness and sacred union with all. Although doing this travel constantly has been very challenging at all levels, after each journey, we felt so grateful and lifted up by witnessing the transformation and profound shifts not just for ourselves but also for everyone we shared our time with. We also know that this shift in vibration ripples around the world and the cosmos.

Each one of us has a sacred purpose and Yves and I do what we do not because we are extra special but because we choose to serve and share in this particular way. Everyone can have unique contribution and gifts to share no matter what the circumstance is. That is what we learned through our journeys ; every being we met was our teacher and we are so honored to continue this path of remembrance that we are truly one, love is the key that weaves through all creations and that we are truly free to create the realities we’d like to live in. Today we’d like to give special thanks to everyone who was, is and will a part of our journeys, big or small, from the bottom of our hearts. Finally, we send you all rose heart blessings, frequencies of Divine Innocence, Divine Passion and Divine Illumination.


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