Golden Elohims from the 13th Sun


On the full moon (blue moon) night on July 31, my partner and I had a powerful ceremony with ImagiNation present. I was guided to put the forehead of the crystal skull on my third eye for a few minutes. I felt strong energy currents rising in my body and started to channel soon after. First I noticed in my inner vision that there were several huge golden beings present in the room. And I heard they are ‘Golden Elohims of the 13th Sun’. They had such expansive yet gentle loving energy. Through my channeling, we were led to do the following visualization and meditation: See a blue moon and a bright golden sun in front of our hearts. And imagine the two merging and coming into our heart. The Golden Sun, the divine father of creation and the Blue Moon, the divine mother of creation were merging in our hearts and emanating the radiant golden light and blue rays to all of our being. It was masculine and feminine divine merging birthing the divine child within. We are the pure expression of this divine child. And there were so many brilliant colors exploding, golden, diamond, blue,
Elohims said the Great Central sun is a composite of many suns. And higher aspects of Yves and I represent or part of Solaris 11 and Solaris 12 and together we are moving toward and integrating the 13th Sun. What I felt was this is a vast, complex and intricate concept of multiple dimensions and time lines. I felt this information definitely pertains to all of us. We are shifting into another spiral dance on a new creational plane. We as humanity are moving toward the emergence of the 13th sun (13th Sun disk?) and Osiris Rising?
The following day, we connected with the golden elohims again, and they reminded us see the world truly with the eyes of God/Goddesses and think/feel/act as creators. We need to particularly be mindful of our vibrational transmissions that we send out through our thoughts, feelings, words and actions. And much in the subconscious field will arise to be looked at and transmuted and embraced. If there is anything that is not in alignment to our heart, ask them to be released in this golden light.
Since that night we both are feeling on-going shifts at all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

Today I went to my friend’s Maia’s site ( looking for references to the 13th Sun and golden sun and blue moon. This is what I’ve found which was directly related to our experience on the full Moon night: Thoth on Prima Matra…”the distilled particles of aether or etheric purity of the soul, from which has been extracted all inclusions of gross coagulation (karmic infiltration into matter), and set before the Son of the Sun (the inner Light wisdom of Divine Self) and the Daughter of the Moon (the reflection of that divinity in the soul, as a memory of the pure condition). In the ensuing Light of their embrace, so the Sun and the moon are wedded in conjuncto of Spirit and the Golden Child is born from the First Matter of their seed. It is this pure solvent extracted from chaos that is held as a fine diamond powder before the eye of the soul.”

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Journey to the Heart of the Ancient Greece


Taking a journey to a foreign culture and sacred places on the planet is what I found to be one of the greatest ways to gain clear and broader insights on life, life purpose, expand one’s vision and feel the connected-ness with all people and beings on the planet and Mother Gaia. And through this type of journeys, we often meet amazing people who will become dear friends for the rest of our lives. 

 Regardless to say, Greece offers stunning beauty both in nature and architecture, grand history, mesmerizing stories of the ancient culture plus warm-hearted, welcoming people and it is definitely one of my favorite places to explore and contemplate in. 

In 2009, I had a beautiful experience with Goddess Athena in Santorini. Her calling was for me to come back on 2010 and lead a meditation on October 10, 2010. I followed her calling and invitation and offered a powerful ceremony on 10:10:10 on a volcanic island near Santorini. What I saw was a grand underground temple shaped of pyramid in the Aegean Sea off Santorini and this temple was rising up and transmitting new earth frequencies from holographic flowers of life. It was a stunning vision and I so honor these powerful moments of initiation and transformation. It is just one of many amazing experiences I’ve had in Greece. 

Throughout this trip, journeyers will have their own unique experiences and insights connecting with the beauty and legends of Greece. Besides having lots of fun of course, we will open, explore, expand our inner world and awaken our own authentic God/Goddess selves and embrace divine wisdom, love and magic into all aspects of our lives.  

If you ever wanted to visit Greece or would like to re-visit this glorious country, I’d be so honored if you choose to join this magical and sacred journey to the Heart of the Ancient Greece with a small group of other open-hearted sacred journeyers.  

Detailed itinerary, what is included in this epic journey, as well as payment info are found in: Journey to the Heart of the Ancient Greece, September 1 – 14 2015

Facebook event page:




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777 A Day of Spiritual Alignment


Today holds 777 vibrations (July (7) 7, 2014(7)). 777 is a powerful spiritual number and we can channel this spiritual energy to magnify our intentions.

“Number 777 is a highly spiritual number with the mystical number 7 appearing tripled, making its influences most powerful. Number 7 resonates with the attributes of spiritual enlightenment, development and spiritual awakening, persistence of purpose, intuition and the inner voice of wisdom, mysticism, contemplation, knowledge and understanding, discernment and consideration, and good fortune….Angel Number 777 indicates that you have listened to Divine Guidance and are now putting that wisdom to work in your life, and the time has come to reap the rewards for your hard work and efforts. You are being commended by the angels as your successes are inspiring, helping and teaching others by example (quoted from”

My guidance today is to use this powerful spiritual energy to align all of my aspects and aspects of beings who interact with me(in all time lines and all dimensions) to the highest level of spiritual purity, clarity and integrity in words, emotions, thoughts and actions in my individual reality and collective realities I am co-creating with others.

Enlisting my own divine authority and assistance from the spiritual realm, I call forth complete purification and clearing of any energies, no matter where they come from, that are not aligned with the highest level of integrity and purity of love and light in intention & action and do not serve the highest good of myself and all beings involved. I ask that any energetic imbalance will be brought back to balance with fairness and divine grace. I am envisioning and commanding a world where innocence is not perceived as weakness and no longer used or manipulated for egoistic purposes or to serve hidden agendas. I am envisioning and commanding a world where innocence and purity of the heart are recognized as a norm and treasured/cherished and we can just be, play, serve and create from our pure hearts joyfully and humbly with compassion, kindness, immense love and respect for ourselves and others. And in this world, there shall be a natural flow of infinite abundance to all those who follow their pure hearts and share their gifts. And so it is.. Thank you.

This is my prayer today. If you resonate, feel free to modify and/or use and share this invocation/prayer. To the freedom to be our authentic selves in the purest form!


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Transformation with grace

SwansAs Yves and I contemplate on our beautiful journey to Vienna and the DTG workshop we offered beginning of June in this graceful city, one word that can summarize our experience is “Grace” and swans were our spirit animal messenger.

There were many amazing divine synchronicities… Yves and I pulled one card each after the Sunday workshop to see what messages we would receive about the weekend. Truly amazingly, even though we pulled from a different card deck, Yves pulled a card with two swan on it and I pulled a card named “Justice” with a picture of a scale (On Sunday during the workshop, one of the cards Yves pulled was a swan card from animal spirit card deck and 2 cards I picked was ‘Justice’ and “Balance” with a picture of a scale). So again the message for us for the weekend was divine grace and balance. Such amazing confirmation!

After the workshop weekend, we visited the amazing garden at “Schoenbrunn” and communicated with the spirit of trees, roses and the lady of Vienna… We felt so much grace and beauty there. During our short meditation in the garden, we saw and felt the graceful dancing of swans around us as well as very loving embrace by the lady of Vienna… For us, what this grace of swans represents is that transformation does not have to come from the intense death and rebirth process often represented by the classical caterpillar becoming a butterfly.

Transformation can come with ease and grace just like the duckling turning into a beautiful and graceful swan. We wish you all such grace and beauty in your own life transformation. Much love and magical blessings!

*I also found out from Wikipedia that in Sanskrit, ‘Supreme Swan (Paramahamsa)’ is used to describe Hindu spiritual teachers who are regarded as having attained enlightenment. This title ‘Paramahamsa” symbolizes spiritual discrimination. The swan is equally at home on land and on water; similarly, the true sage is equally at home in the realms of matter and of spirit. To be in divine ecstasy and simultaneously to be actively wakeful is the paramahansa state; the ‘royal swan’ of the soul floats in the cosmic ocean, beholding both its body and the ocean as manifestations of the same Spirit. The word ‘Paramahamsa’ means One whos is Awakened in all realms.

Wouldn’t this be an amazing goal, to be awakened in all realms?

Swan picture courtesy of Wikipedia*

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Inspirational Messages


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Time of Transformation


I’d like to share my dream I had on December 10, 2013. In the dream, I was saying it is time for me to tell people I can fly… I was floating, doing acrobatic dance in mid air and also offering a ceremony in the sky in a very dramatic posture… I also could see beautiful lights passing through the bodies of myself and others since our bodies are much more transparent and not as solid as now. I believe this is happening to many of us.. truly embodying our light bodies…. A huge leap in consciousness is occurring right now around the globe in an unprecedented speed. This past few weeks have been truly off the chart powerful and amazing time of cosmic energy infusion and we are being activated to the core of our cells and DNA…. Many are letting go of old rigid identities and realizing we are indeed so much more than what we have been led to believe. Deep healing and transformation are taking place and many of us are getting sick temporarily as a result to release the old and adjust to the new frequencies… So if anyone is going through physical, emotional, and spiritual challenges, have faith that this is deep house cleaning and surrender to the divine working through you for the highest good. You will be able to (if you haven’t been already) experience and feel expansive, calm awareness of who you really are, divine love itself dancing through this liquid reality on multiple levels…and much more..I feel so blessed to be living and serving at this magnificent time of awakening with my beloved Yves, my loving family in Korea and our beautiful soul family and friends around the world… May fluid, rainbow spiraling light of divine grace gently touch and embrace you all during this time of shift and integration and let the Butterfly of Bliss and Freedom emerge from the deepest core of your Eternal Heart knowing all is indeed well…

Happy New Year to  you everyone!


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Magical Rainbow Faerie Queen from the Heart of Avalon

This is a picture of an amazing rainbow faerie holding a wand with a star on the top in the first picture! I took this picture in early September 2013 on the way to Shaftsbury England. We were driving by the road and I sensed such wonder and ethereal energy on this side road and had to stop and take a picture. There was a small sign there which said “Cloud Nine”. Later I saw on the picture, I was so delighted and awed by the presence of this magnificent faerie queen..  She even has a green heart at the end of her beautiful gown. There was much more to this encounter later we found out. Please continue to read below the picture..
Rainbow Faerie with Star Wand

We had in our possession  a book by Robert Coon,  ’The Rainbow Serpent and the Holy Grail’ by Robert Coon. When we read about ‘Shaftsbury’ in this book,  it made a perfect sense why we were greeted by this magical being with this star wand! Robert Coon says in the book, ” If Glastonbury is the Cup of the Grail, then nearby Shatebury is the magick Wand of Will that must be united with the Grail. When Love is united with Will, then the message of the global heart can be communicated more powerfully worldwide. Shaftsbury, or Shaston, is 26 miles to the southeast of Avalon…. In medieval times, an important abbey for women here was of equal significance to the male abbey in Glastonbury. It was said that if the Abbess of Shaston married the Abbot of Glastonbury, then their children would be wealthier than the King of England. This saying encodes Glaston-Shaston alchemical formula: If you unite the Holy Grail of Glastonbury to the directed Will of Shaftesbury, then rich blessings flow from the heart, through the Rainbow Serpent, to enhance all life… “.

So this faerie queen, she is holding this wand and at the end of her gown, I see the heart.. the merging of Divine Will (the wand) and Divine Love (the heart).. We were simply astounded by this encounter and the significance!

The Glastonbury area being the planetary heart chakra, it was very important for Yves and I to do this journey now… When we sat on the top of the golden hill of Shaftsbury, we did a meditation of uniting the Holy Grail and the Magic Wand of Divine will to spread the Emerald Rose Heart frequencies of Divine love to everywhere on the planet… Another important sign given to us that there was a tall cross monument right behind the bench where we sat which was built to commemorate those who perished during the World 1 and World II. We felt that the spirits of the soldiers were reminding us not to repeat the same mistake of entering into another grave war and joined us in the prayer for peace as we are entering time another war may seem imminent..

After the prayer, we arrived in Glastonbury to stay at ‘Camelot’ (it was the name of our B&B) . The owner of this peaceful place maintained a powerful healing/meditation room surrounded by pictures of ascended masters, angels and light beings…We ended our first day of our 3 day journey with deep gratitude and in awe of all of these magical unfolding..
Love and rainbow sparkles to you all!

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8/8 Lion’s Gate Star Portal Opening and Light Code Transmission

LionsgateLion’s gate generally refers to the 2 week period between July 26 and August 12 where intense stellar and solar codes from various star systems, the Great Central Sun and our Galactic Center get transmitted to our planet.

Eunjung and Yves led a powerful meditation through language of light transmission and channeled messages as well as healing energy transfer to further anchor higher frequencies of the 5th and above dimensional energies and help us expand in the Christ Consciousness and cosmic love and unity.

We received holographic mapping in our light body from the truly auspicious heavenly geometry of 11 pointed Star (Star of David merging with the 5 pointed star of Venus) and be restored and empowered in the essence of our authentic golden Christed Being. This powerful period ushers us into the planetary new year of abundant opportunities for us to align with the angelic, divine human matrix living harmoniously with all elements of our universe as co-creators of the New Christed Earth fully utilizing our heart virtues of appreciation, humility, valor, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness.

Then regardless of other energetic storms that may enter into our perceived realities, we will be empowered and prepared to navigate the highest path of our divine destiny and help create global villages of love and freedom.

We also connected with other groups to synchronize our energetics to spread the transmissions and strengthen the Christ consciousness grid.

88 is also a symbol of infinity and abundance…This Lion’s gate helps us to further realize infinite possibilities we are connected to and create abundance from that space.

Here is the link to the transmission:




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Sailing on the Butterfly-Winged Ship for a Grand Adventure on the New Earth

Picture by Vladimir Kush

Back in Denver after a month of heart-expanding connections, inner and outer shifts and ceremonies with our beloved soul family in the LA area… Feeling immense gratitude and calm in the amidst of so many intense currents of change passing through for the birth of the New Golden Era.. individually and collectively.

So many I know (including myself and Yves) are going through shifts in so many levels in an unprecedented proportion… We are ungluing ourselves from situations, people, patterns, belief systems and everything else we believed that confined and defined ourselves… We are breaking free and become fluid… to truly be ourselves and express who we are in our core essence which is Love seeking Freedom(which again is my own interpretation..). The shifts and changes we are going through can be very hard to be described in human words now… That’s why I love sharing Language of Light and chanting and toning together. We are asked to feel ourselves and each other from our heart space and communicate through our resonance and vibration.

I had a dream 2 nights ago showing me what I was looking at was not what I thought it was initially…I was reading a storybook and a figure came out of the book and stood in front of me. Then this person became a huge blue angel and then turned into a tiger and the whole story changed into something else…Everything in the story had multiple layers and kept shifting.  It was a multi-dimensional story book and I really enjoyed it in the end… :) although in the beginning I was bit perflexed.  For me this was a metaphor of our lives…We are the story teller and the experiencer of our stories… Not taking a serious stand on our stories helps us to be fluid and create a different story continuously for us to experience. At this time, we are also collectively weaving our hearts to create a different story for our planet as guardians of this Beautiful Star Gaia.

I am sooo excited about embarking on a grand new adventure with my beloved Yves and our heart-resonating family of light and co-creating New Earth stories filled with love, harmony, beauty, divine magic, joy, freedom and FUN!!! Our next destination: Egypt ♥
I love and appreciate all of you who have joined and will join in this Winged Ship on a grand adventure of co-creations on our journeys!


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Lanai Activation with Wingmakers on Nov 23, 2011

My very talented new friend Bonnie created this amazing movie from our magical journey into the ancient island of Lanai… We visited Garden of the Gods, Petroglyph site and Cat santurary on November 23, 2011.. Enjoy~

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