The Essence of Healing

October 25, 2014 @ 6:00 am – 12:00 pm
St. Marylebone Parish Church (Browning Room)
London NW1 5LT
Pounds 60
Eunjung Choi

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Turkish and arabic for “divine light”, ILAHINOOR is here to assist us merge with the multi-dimensional aspects of our being. The morphogenetic healing field of ILAHINOOR connects us with the cosmos andwith mother earth, the consciousness of dolphin and whales as well as with ancient Egypt and Lemuria. Yves will share how you can release and co-create with this multidimensional healing modality and how it can support you on your journey of awakening and transformation.

Experience a day of powerful expansion through a series of light body activations. Eunjung will channel messages and frequencies from many light beings from higher realms and also connect you energetically with various sacred sites Yves & Eunjung traveled to, such as Hawaii, Egypt, Jordan,  Mexico, Ecuador, Bali, Thailand, South Korea, England, Scotland, Cyprus, France, Greece and Malta. Eunjung will also sing and transmit language of light to activate your crystalline DNA, divine blueprint and multidimensional codes.

The science of the brain says that with all of our senses, we receive 11 million impressions in only 1 second. On a conscious level, our brain is only able to process 40 impressions out of it. All the rest goes to our sub-conscious. Based on old programs, beliefs and experiences, we filter, analyze, compare and store the new information. This process then creates what we all individually perceive as our truth or reality. ILAHINOOR assists us in bringing the sub-conscious memories into our new awareness.

With ILAHINOOR we can bridge the super-conscious and sub-conscious aspects of our being through our hearts. Various ancient traditions, shamans and wisdom keepers tell us, that the middle self cannot directly access the higher planes of existence and that healing miracles always happen in the now moment. When there is a bridging of these 3 aspects (middle self, super- and sub-conscious) of the self and when we develop a loving relationship with our sub-conscious mind, we can manifest much faster and easier.

An important aspect of this workshop is to share with participants who have been initiated in ILAHINOOR, how they also can initiate others. The power grows with the act of sharing: when we initiate, share and also receive the gift and blessing of ILAHINOOR with others, we truly become equally powerful. On the New Earth, it is time now to move beyond old hierarchies and traditional human structures. The initiation comes not from a person or an organization any longer, but directly from the cosmic source. This is the essence of what healing is all about.

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