Passion Test Playshop

April 5, 2015 @ 9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Adi Shakti Sanctuary
6717 Valmont Road
Boulder, CO 80301
$55 / $80
Eunjung Choi

Passion Test Boulder

Glowing Feedback:

The Passion Test is the key that unlocks my heart’s desires. I was able to prioritize my passions today! It was eye-opening! The presentation was clear and I engaged completely. It didn’t seem like 4 hours. You are both very passionate. The Passion Test is the key to unlocking your heart’s desires. If you absolutely want to clarify the design for your life, I highly recommend Eunjung, Yves and the passion test.

Steve M, Arvada Co


The systematic approach that supports clarity. It is simple, concise and effective.  I highly recommend this effective, concise approach to understanding our desires and the systematic instruction on how to put these passions into practice. I am very grateful for this work and these particular practioners.

Anama L, Denver CO


The presentation was very clear. I truly enjoyed the presentation. I didn’t even realizw we were here as long as we were. It didn’t take long to realize my passions once we worked on the Passion Play test!

Dolly T, Arvada CO


I thought everything was wonderful.  What an incredible way to get the tools for creating your upmost passionate life with integrity and focus

Deborah M, Arvada CO


It was just perfectly presented. I found that what I thought was most important fell to the bottom of the list and you can achieve your passions and dreams with very simple tools, and validate your progress.

Carol R, Loveland CO


The clarity of seeing my passions and how I can become much more focused and fulfilled by living in alignment with them. Yes, it was presented clearly. I was engaged in the process. The practice session when we were paired off to help each other learn the process was especially helpful.

Everyone should take time to discover their passions so as to better live their lives and to be happy. A must if we war going to achieve our goals in life!

Gary R, Monterey CA









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