March Equinox Sunset Meditation (Activating Personal and World Peace Grid)

March 20, 2015 @ 1:30 pm – 3:00 pm
Pacific Grove
Love Donation $ 10~ 15 appreciated
Eunjung Choi

March Equinox Sunset Meditation (Activating Personal and World Peace Grid)

Spring Equinox 2015

On this powerful time of Spring Equinox, we would like to share a very special breathing technique we received from Spirit in the last few months. We shared this in a few gatherings and it has been very very powerful in assisting people with integrating their higher self. Some of the benefits are:

  • Release fear and anxiety.
  • Balance all of your brain area
  • Bridge together your mind, heart, spirit and body
  • Activate the God-seed within the brain
  • Connect more easily and powerfully with your higher self, and multi dimensional support system

We will be integrating very high frequencies of our soul essence and embody the divine human blueprint. Afterwards, we will do a meditation on activating personal and collective peace grid as it is truly powerful time of focusing and magnifying our intentions. This is also a global water blessing day, so we will be connecting with so many around the world who are focusing on purification and blessings on the water.

Bring blankets to sit on and your personal items for energy blessings.

Duration: about 1.5~ 2 hours, Love Donation $ 10~ 15 appreciated

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