Journey to the Heart of the Ancient Greece (September 1-14, 2016)

Journey to the Heart of Ancient Greece

Have you ever dreamt of visiting Greece and its famously beautiful islands,
strolling down the ancient pebble-paved, meandering streets sided by blindingly
white walled shops, taverns and old churches, frolicking in sun-drenched beaches
overlooking its crystal blue ocean and standing in awe and communing with gods
and goddesses in its ancient temples?
This journey is a blissful opportunity to make your dream come true and beyond.
Experience the unforgettable sights unparalleled by their beauty, immerse in the
powerful energies of sacred sites where ancient gods and goddesses still hold their
divine presence, and embrace myths of magic and transformation that are
beckoning to open our hearts and transform our lives.
During this unforgettable journey, besides having lots of fun, we will open, explore
and expand our inner world and awaken our own authentic God/Goddess selves
and embrace and share divine wisdom, love and magic into all aspects of our lives
so that we can live our individual and collective lives more purposefully, joyfully,
magnificently and be the creator of our own legends.

 See detailed itinerary here; and to register click here.


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