Egypt: Mystical Journey of Inner Mastery & Cosmic Consciousness (Dec 27, 2015 – Jan. 11, 2016)

Egypt: Mystical Journey of Inner Mastery &

Cosmic Consciousness

Unveil and walk your unique divine path 

Detailed Itinerary


This is a powerful journey of initiation into the Ancient Mystery Teachings of Golden Atlantis, Egypt and Star nations. We will explore the map of our consciousness and activate our grand soul destiny through cosmic energies of re-birth and creation by passing through the 12 star gates and embodying our own God and Goddess selves. During our magnificent passage of rites journey through some of the world’s most iconic monuments,  glorious temples and ancient cities of captivating scenes and culture, we will receive activations and divine messages and participate in initiations, sacred ceremonies, healing rituals, dance & more! We will travel as a small group of people of high-resonance, heart-vibrations dedicated to personal and global transformation.

Throughout this 15 nights journey, we will be guided by the palpable divine presence of powerful Egyptian Neterus (gods and goddesses) – Isis, Osiris, Horus, Hathor and Sun God Ra, Sekhmet, Seshat, Thoth, Ptah and more – as well as our own spiritual guides and angels throughout our journey. Another important thing to remember is that each one of us carries important codes and vibrations to bring and has a unique role in this grand spiral journey of transformation. Each explorer during this sacred quest can find what he/she is seeking at the highest soul level and experience transformation and discover numerous gifts. Besides the group activations, there will be time for each one of you can go within and receive insights and wisdom at the sacred temples and monuments.

Another enchanting part of this journey is that we will be sailing on a private 5-star Dahabiaya – Afandina- along the Nile for 8 nights. This will provide a truly unforgettable experience of luxury, privacy and freedom to explore jewel temples along the Nile. Imagine peacefully sailing on this exquisite yacht without a big crowd with our own chef and amazing staff who will take excellent care of us and having quite personal time, meditation or yoga watching the most beautiful sunrise over the Nile river. Unlike many other big cruise ships operating along the Nile, we can dock at any place on the Nile bank and have a picnic lunch if we wanted.

So answer your heart’s calling to journey to the home of your ancient soul that will guide you to rebirth into the greatest and grandest expression of you.  We will all assist each other to awaken and embody the New Divine Human within and help our planet harmoniously navigate through the Golden Age of Aquarius.

Egypt Itinerary Summary

Day 01, Sun, Dec 27th            Arrive Cairo / Welcome Dinner

Day 2, Mon, Dec 28th             Giza plateau / Sphinx / Khan El Khallili Bazaar

Day 3, Tus, Dec 29th              Egyptian museum / Aswan 

Day 4, Wed, Dec 30th             Philae / Temple of Isis / Nubian bazzar

Day 5, Thurs, Dec 31st                    Aswan / Abu Simble / Aswan / Sail to Kom Ombo

Day 6, Fri, Jan 01st                 Kom Ombo

Day 7, Sat, Jan 02nd               Sail to Edfu (Mystery School teaching)

Day 8, Sun, Jan 03rd              Edfu / Nile Sail (Ilahinoor – Healing workshop)

Day 9, Mon, Jan 04th             Sailing from Esna to Luxor / Karnak temple / Luxor temple

Day 10, Tus, Jan 05th             Dendera / Abydos

Day 11, Wed, Jan 06th           West Bank / Free time / Cairo

Day 12, Thur, Jan 07th           Sakkara / Dahshour

Day 13, Fri, Jan 08th              Cairo / Alexandria / Cairo

Day 14, Sat, Jan 09th             Old Cairo / El Moaz Street / Sufi dance show

Day 15, Sun, Jan 10th             Great Pyramid / Farewell Dinner

Day 16. Mon. Jan 11th             Final Departure

Click here for the full Egypt itinerary.

For the registration form or inquiries, please send an email to or call 303 886 2038. 

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