Sacred Journey Consultation and Facilitation

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We are here to help you create and experience most memorable, magical and transformative soul and heart journeys! 

Since 2011 when our destiny brought Yves and I together on our life path, we have travelled to 35 countries visiting powerful energetic and sacred sites around the world including Egypt, Greece, France, Hawaii, Malta, Ecuador, Cyprus, Japan, Thailand and India.

We travel first because we love exploring different cultures and new places holding unique beauty in people, animals and nature and ultimately recognizing oneness in this diversity and diversity in oneness. Secondly we travel because we are guided intuitively or through synchronicities to visit places of certain energetic significance. Just as humans have chakra points, meridians and acupuncture points,  our earth are lined with chakras, energy portals and ley lines that weave the entire planet.

When we visit these sacred sites, we meditate, offer prayers and hold ceremonies for healing and releasing of old energies and receiving new visions and messages for ourselves and our groups. We together activate, anchor and spread high frequencies of light from the cosmos and the earth for the purpose of uplifting collective consciousness to love, unity, harmony and peace.

Throughout our global sacred adventures, we have had very profound and magical experiences and received empowering messages and insights from wisdom keepers of sacred traditions, masters of  invisible realms such as goddesses, guardians of the land, animal and nature spirits, and many beings from the elemental kingdom.

We have been sharing some of our stories and pictures from our magical journeys around the world through workshops and online/off line meditations and social media. We hope to share more of our stories and experiences by writing books in the future.  In the mean time, you can connect with us on Facebook (,, or through our newsletters on our websites.

We are inspired to help people to take such soul journeys to expand and enrich their life experiences or even completely transform their life inside and out by facilitating sacred group journeys or helping individuals create their own unique custom spiritual adventures.

Journeys to sacred places and power spots on the planet help you grow your soul and opens your eyes and heart providing much wider perspectives that anything is possible and you can create and re-create the life your heart and soul desire to the benefit of all.

Some people are called to travel to certain places for different purposes such as relaxation and rejuvenation; healing, transforming certain patterns or issues from this current life or other life times; receiving new insights, visions and gifts for their life paths; empowerment and courage.. etc, or combination of all these.

Many people ask us about particular places we have traveled to ranging from simple questions of where to visit to deeper questions such as what energies they should be expecting in certain places.  To even simple questions such as where to visit, it is not always easy to give an simple answer without knowing the person’s intention for her/his journey.

Both Yves and I work with energy and we are sensitive and highly intuitive. We don’t travel just to do sight-seeing; we journey to learn about the world and ourselves, share our hearts and light, honor and respect all beings we meet and be the meeting point between worlds to bring shifts. We feel and see much more than what can be perceived just with physical senses. It is such a complex and profound experience that cannot be simply shared in an Email or a short phone call.

As an example many people have asked us where they should go in Hawaii. There are 6 islands you can travel to and each island has very different energies. So depending where people are on their own life journey, they might resonate more with one island than with other islands. Whereas the Big Island is very grounding, Kaua’i can be very ethereal and resonate on the level of the third eye and the crown chakra. Even within a Hawaiian island, for example Kaua’i, energies vastly vary depending on which part of the island you visit.

So Yves and I decided to offer this sacred journey consulting service to properly answer and guide people who come to us for advice about their journey to make the best use of their time during their trip by helping them from logistics to energetic support and insights, such as which sites will be helpful to visit for their life situations, messages from their guides.

Although what is described below provides the framework of our consultation and offerings, we can provide more personalized, customized journey support depending on your unique situation. We are honored to be your guide on your journey!

We are inspired and feel guided to offer these sacred site consulting and sessions for those who have a calling to visit a specific place on the planet. We can provide energy work, life coaching or channeled reading (or combined) for you to have most amazing and life-changing experiences when you go there. We can answer whatever questions you have about the journey or the place, such as why do I have such a strong call to visit certain places such as Hawaii, Ireland, France, Egypt, Greece etc.

We have answers to questions such as: Are there any past life connections between myself and the place, is there anything I need to release or are there any messages from my guided or angels for this trip? Which specific places would be most beneficial on my path right now? Also we could even help you find a place to stay, find most ideal flight routes, what spiritual places or centers you can visit, what people you can connect with etc. We even could customize your entire trip from the flight, hotel, rental car, whatever your wishes and needs are.

Plus when you visit a certain power spot you also may have very intense and strange experiences and dreams which cannot be explained just with regular thinking or common sense. As your sacred journey concierges, it is our passion and pleasure to assist you, whether you are planning your journey, in your actual experience at the destination of your dreams, or in the process of integration afterwards.

Benefits from consulting with us

  • Learn protocols on how to enter sacred grounds (This is universal although there are some cultural differences)
  • New wide perspectives and clarity on the purpose of your journey
  • Answers to whatever questions you have about the journey or the place
  • Opportunities to get clear messages from your support team and your higher self
  • Recommendations on places to visit that are aligned with and supportive to your life path and where you are
  • Healing and clearing, graceful integration before, during and after your journey
  • Getting clarity about your soul destiny by maximizing spiritual energies you can receive through the trip
  • Possibilities of new creations (you may even meet your life partner).
  • Saving time and energy on planning the trip
  • Most amazing experiences with less confusion and stress
  • Connecting with our network of supportive friends around the world
  • Receiving initiations, meditations, and messages from your guides and angels.
  • Learning how to sense and transmute energies during your trip
  • Opening up synchronicities and magical flow and learning how to read the signs that appear during your journey.

So please contact Eunjung and Yves at or call 1 303 886 2038 for inquiries. Thank you!

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