Heart and Soul Journey to Kaua’i, Oct 2013


Heart and Soul Adventure to Kaua’i, October 18 – 26, 2013

Blossom your gift in the Garden Isle of Kaua’i

 October 19(Day 2) _Kauai North Shore

This is an invitation to a soul journey that awakens and activates new earth consciousness through the powerful energies of the Hawaiian Islands. Led by Yves Nager & Eunjung Choi who are experts in sacred journeys, you will connect with all Hawaiian Islands from Kaua’i. As other Polynesian Islands, they are believed to be the tops of former Lemuria or Mu and carry very loving, heart-opening energy. 

It is also believed that the Hawaiian Islands represent the 7 main chakras of the human energetic body. You will be in co-creation with those energies as well as the powerful natural elements (earth, water, fire, wind). Kaua’i truly represents the very unique energies of the 3rd eye chakra and the crown. The veils between the different worlds are very thin, allowing you to fully connect with the Divine Spirit. 

 This journey will empower you on your life path to thrive through this time of shift and help you embody the greatest version of yourself as well as connecting you to the Rainbow Heart energy of Lemuria.

Reconnect with your chakras to your ancient wisdom and bliss. 
Hike mountains and waterfalls, visit canyons and heiaus (sacred ancient sites of Hawaii). 
Connect with the energies of this marvelous island, beautiful sunsets, picture perfect beaches and magical energies of Kauai. 
And reconnect with your higher self…

 During our Kauai journey, we will also connect with one of the other 6 Hawaiian Islands each day to while working with one of the 8 steps from the movie and book “Discover the Gift” (www.discoverthegift.com) that will help you find and share your unique gifts and purpose in life. 

House of Hula 2


- Sail in a Catamaran along the Na’Pali Coast

- Visit the Kilauea Lighthouse and the Hanalei Pier

- Hike Hanakapi’ai Falls, Waimea Canyon and The Blue Room wet cave

- Visit the Kaua’i Hindu Monastery and Secret Beach

- Healing ceremonies at Hawaiian heiaus (indigenous sacred temples)

- 4-star luxury Ocean view accommodations

- Delicious, fresh food at the best restaurants on Kauai (most meals included)

- Visit incredible energy vortexes and awaken your chakras!

- Dancing celebration

If you’d like to receive more details on this life-changing journey or take a look at detailed itinerary and registration info, please visit www.spiritquesttours.com/go/hawaii/.

For those who sign up to receive updates on this magical heart and soul adventure at the website above, Yves and I will share free meditations and tools to help you create abundance and alignment to make this incredible soul journey become a reality.

And there are special gifts who sign up early! And there are special gifts who sign up now! You will receive $300 discount off the cost of the journey if you sing up and pay full by September 10 ($3,443 otherwise).

Plus, if you sign up and pay full by August 31, you will receive two(2) Clear, Center and Create sessions (60 minute each, valued at $130 per session) from Eunjung and Yves to help you prepare for your upcoming journey of transformation. If you sign up and pay full by September 30, you will receive one(1) Clear, Center and Create session from Eunjung and Yves.

Let the journey of your lifetime begin! Mahalo~ ♥

 Waves of infinite love and light, Eunjung and Yves

www.latriaterranova.com, www.yvesnager.com

Sign up to see and receive details at http://www.spiritquesttours.com/go/hawaii/

Experience Magic and Discover your Gifts with us! 

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