Sacred Journeys


Sacred journeys have always been a part of my soul passion and mission. I love traveling and have been fortunate enough to travel extensively throughout sacred sites around the world in the past decade including Cambodia, Cyprus, Egypt, England, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Malta / Gozo, Mexico, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Southern France, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, as well as many special places in several states of the USA.

As a channel of multi-dimensional energies and higher consciousness, I have been guided to activate energy vortexes around the world working with the crystalline grid on the earth and the cosmic grid lines, and bring in new energy frequencies, and solar and star codes in my unique way to help with the transition and evolution of our world into the New Earth Star.

Sacred journeys always represent an amazing opportunity for me to share my soul passion of journeying on this sacred earth and honoring and illuminating its immense beauty wherever I go with so many other heart-connected adventurists and family of light around the world. My soul intentions and contributions for sacred journeys include:

1) Activation of the new energy vortexes

2) Anchoring a streaming of Metratronic Rayship (through Language of Light, channeling and transmitting sacred geometry and sound)

3) Recognizing and honoring unique beauty of places and people throughout our journey and reflecting that beauty within me so that everyone we communicate to and come in contact with either physically or virtually can see the beauty within themselves and of the world.

4) I’d like to remind ourselves that when we focus on and truly recognize beauty and wholeness rather than seeming challenges, suffering and conflicts, and reflect that beauty, wholeness back within ourselves in the most loving way for each other and the planet, this will transform the world into a true paradise.

5) Showing how we as a human race is more similar than different when we open our hearts to each other and that we (humans, animals, and all of the nature elements) are very connected through this divine thread of light and love.

6) Spreading faerie sparkles of joy, fun and excitement by recognizing divine magic in every moment and weaving the Fun Grid together with my Fun Mates!

Feel free to contact me if you would like to be part in one of our next journeys.

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